Summer School 2020

We are now opened for Summer School 2020 registers!

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to before March 24th.

Dates: Tuesday 23rd June to Friday 14th July

Timetable: Arrivals: 9.00 – 9.45 –Departures: 14.00 – 14.15/Extended option 15.00 hrs.

(optional departure at 13.30 for the 2 year olds)

The course includes:

  • Full Programme in English: British Curriculum, Native English Teachers. 

Each week of our programme is focused on an interesting and fun topic which camp participants learn more about through the use of: arts and crafts, music and song, storytelling and theatre, interactive games, and group challenges. We use British methodologies in our classrooms and focus on the students building confidence and language skills through enjoyable activities.

Every Friday we organise a special event to reward them for their great work!

  • Mid Morning Snack: Sandwich and fruit/yoghurt
  • Small, personalised groups ensuring your children get the most out of their experience.
  • Sports and Gross Motor Skills: Basketball, football, hockey, athletics, obstacle courses, etc. Our sporting skills build towards a fun ‘Sports Day’ for all camp participants who focus on teamwork as well as technical skills.

Optional Activities:


Ages: 4 years and above.  Daily activity with Robotic experts from ‘Ebot Formacion’. 

  • Robotics increases creativity. Let’s encourage children to have fun using technology in an interactive and exciting way which fuses imagination and curiosity with tech.
  • Working with robotics introduces basic programming skills, teaching children the importance of precise instructions and problem solving.
  • The course provides learners with indispensable tools for their future. It incorporates skills used in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology.
  • Children learn how to turn frustration into innovation and strive to achieve their best.


Ages: 2 years and above

  • Swimming develops water safety skills, builds strength and muscle tone and assists with balance and coordination.


Ages: 4 years and above.  Daily activity with professional padel instructors.                       

  • Padel builds physical strength, endurance, and technical racket skills.
  • Padel is an accessible sport in which players make fast improvements.
  • Padel is a fun sport for young players. Instructors use games and challenges to motivate The sport’s sociable nature requires team work and problem solving.


Ages: All ages welcome.  Daily activity with ‘Enjoy Mandarin’ native Chinese teachers.               

  • Chinese Mandarin is a tonal language, stimulating the right cerebral hemisphere which is associated with emotions, senses, arts and creativity.
  • Fun and interactive methods introduce children to the language and culture.
  • Chinese promotes Creative Thinking, improves Motor Skills, and encourages Problem Solving.
  • The materials used are approved by Hanban, Central Office of the Confucius Institute.