Covid measures at Holy Mary

When we welcomed the children back to school in September, we were delighted to be able to begin learning together again. However, in order to keep everybody safe, many new COVID measures were put in place around the school. 

Teachers and students have been wearing their facemasks everyday; taking temperatures at entrances with the use of gel at several moments throughout the day; plastic divides have been attached to each child’s desk; building renovations have taken place; bubble groups have been created; our nurse and Covid Coordinator Paloma has started working with us; new fences have been put up in the patios to avoid different groups mixing together. Additionally, each class has been given a selection of patio equipment that has to be disinfected after each patio, and each child has a chromebook to use in their lessons as they are now unable to share them. 

The children have responded in such an amazing way, following the new COVID rules, and taking responsibility for keeping each other safe. Our school nurse, Paloma, has been reminding the children of the rules and answering the children’s questions by visiting their classes over the past few weeks and she is super impressed by the wonderful attitude of our pupils!