Summer Program for Y10 and Y11: A- Level preparation

For the first time, this summer Holy Mary would like to offer you an opportunity to bridge the gap between GCSE and Alevel studies. The immense increase in challenge, complexity and skills required for this leap from Year 11 to 12 has always been a difficult obstacle for students to overcome in a relatively short period of time. Especially since many students will take their first A Level unit exams in January 2020, only 4 months after beginning their A Level studies.

As a solution to this problem we would like to invite students in Year 11 & 10 to participate in an A Level Preparation Summer Programme. For 10 days, from Monday 24th June to Friday 5th July, 9am -2pm each day. Students will work in very small groups to develop transferable skills important to post GCSE study; those skills that students typically  find difficult to improve or are missing from their skillset; these include analytical skills, debating, study skills, organisation, research & paraphrasing, finding voluntary & work experience, knowledge application & exam skills.

As well as this, students will spend half of each day working to develop subject specific skills. Primarily we would like to offer two subject options for the programme: Science – developing practical science skills in biology, chemistry and physics. Or Business & Enterprise – developing the practical skills of business planning and entrepreneurship.

If you are interested, please write to

Opened for students from other schools.