Extracurricular activities kick off!

This year at Holy Mary the extra curricular activities are in full swing! The Infant students can enjoy ballet, flamenco, football and cooking, where the children can not only improve their culinary skills but also enjoy tasting new foods! 

Year 2 and Year 3 students have Football Club on Zona Norte every Monday to improve and practice their skills. They also have flamenco, cooking and robotics, during which the children improve their knowledge of how technology works and develop new ways of thinking and working with technology.

Years 4 to 6 are enjoying football, robotics and cooking club! In robotics the children are learning how to code and program in a variety of contexts.

The Secondary students are attending Study Skills, where each Wednesday a new study technique is taught by a different teacher, plus, the European Youth Parliament, which is a forum for reflection and expression of their opinions on a wide range of topics from the world around them. The forum encourages independent thinking and socio-political initiative in young people to facilitate the learning of crucial social and professional skills.