Highlights of the post-exam special programmes

Since the beginning of June we have welcomed Year 11 and Year 12 back to school after their exams to focus on the next academic year from September. Year 12 have begun their university applications, collating their past achievements and thinking about how to express their ambitions and passions in their application essays. We have studied the process for applying to the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, various scandinavian countries and of course Spain. Evaluating the value and costs of each option is a very personal process and Year 12 have made a great start. 

Year 11 have received a number of guest speakers: former students, guests, organisations and some school staff! The guest speakers spoke about life lessons, choosing a direction and attempting to impart some wisdom. A number of online courses were started in order to broaden their interests, knowledge and to help fill out their brand new CVs. Year 11 have experienced A Level lessons with each subject teacher to get a taste of what to expect from their classes next year; they have had to do some serious thinking and reflecting about the best choices of subjects for their future success.