Nabss Conference 2020

This year the annual conference of the National Association of British Schools in Spain took place in Sitges between 6th to 8th March. It is a conference where educational suppliers from Spain and the UK gather to offer an exhibition of their products and services, and where hundreds of teachers from the 70 British schools across Spain attend professional development workshops offered by education trainers from the UK.

This year Holy Mary was represented by Ana Bernal (Early Years provision), Nikki Shaw (Assessment for Learning), and Charlotte George (Middle Management). I also attended the conference as the Holy Mary voting representative at the Nabss Annual General Meeting. The photograph is of Charlotte George picking up the Cambridge International Award for our current Yr 13 pupil Isabel Diaz for the highest mark achieved in Spain for the Year 12 Business exams in June 2019.

When we all return to school normally, we look forward to Ana, Nikki and Charlotte reporting back to their colleagues about the respective workshops they attended. Next year’s conference will take place in Madrid and it will be a great opportunity for us to offer to more of our teachers the opportunity to attend a professional development workshop.