Welcome letter from the Directors

Holy Mary is the result of many years of passion and effort and stems from the experience gained through 15 successful years at Todo Niños.
To have been able to take part in the education of more than 4000 students in our 3 centres gives us the strength and excitement to embark on this project.
During these years we have fully learned the most important aspects in the education of children. What’s more it has been you, the parents, who have encouraged us year after year to create a school with the style and philosophy of Todo Niños.

Holy Mary is not, however, simply a natural continuation of our existing centres. It is also the result of our own restlessness and experience as mothers. As we did with Todo Niños, we want to create a style unique to Holy Mary that is characterised by features which are simple, yet fundamental, to helping children be unique and true to themselves in a world that caters to the masses and is impersonal.

Holy Mary is a British School

It is not simply the importance of the English language, which is indispensable in order to easily move in an ever globalized world, it’s about the British education system itself.  It is a more practical system that better prepares children for life and allows them to transfer their skills and knowledge into daily situations. It makes appropriate demands of the students, while allowing them to participate in a creative way.

When a child actively participates he thinks for himself and sees the relevance of what he is learning and therefore his curiosity for learning is awakened.

Holy Mary is a Catholic School

One of our unique characteristics will be the importance we place on personal and religious formation. We believe there cannot be a truly personal formation that is not at the same time religious.

We are going to work on various morals and values but we are going to pay special attention to two attributes that especially concern us and that we believe to be fundamental.

One is Effort. Children need to understand that if they work hard and channel their energies, there will be a greater reward at the end. This is in contrast to the “something for nothing” attitude that is so often seen in today’s society.

We are going to insist, above all, on self-motivation which encourages us to do things purely for the satisfaction it gives us, no matter what the cost or the effort required.

Respect is the other important value we want to cultivate.  Respect for objects and for others.  We live in a fast-paced world, full of rudeness, poor manners and where people are without respect for elders or for teachers. As a consequence, we are especially going to work on good manners.

We would like our children to be unique and be distinguished by their principles and convictions, for their good manners, for their motivation and their desire to learn.

In short, we wish to put our grain of sand to create generations of new men and women who can make a valuable contribution to society.


Marta y Maria Riva de Aldama
Holy Mary British Catholic School Directors

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