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Dear Parents and Students,

Due to pressure from our pupils and parents, who are highly pleased by the educational provision we offer by our British early years, primary and secondary sections, in September 2018 we launched a new pre-university section (VIth Form) to cover the final two years for 16-18 year old pupils within the British education system.

Since then our first class of graduates have achieved and accepted places in elite universities in the UK and here in Spain beginning their studies in September 2020. Some of our success stories are profiled below and we are very proud to have them and many others among our first group of alumni.

All of our Year 12 pupils journey toward the completion of a set of Advanced Level subjects (A levels), With their A level certificates our pupils can apply directly to top UK universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL, Edinburgh, and LSE, and top public and private universities in Madrid including ICADE, Cunef, Instituto de Empresa, Autónoma, Computense, and Politecnica. As well as a wide number of top world ranking, English medium universities across Europe including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland and Germany. The options are varied and plentiful! Therefore our pupils receive detailed personalised university and careers guidance from the moment they complete their Year 11 studies.

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Holy Mary British Catholic School is pleased to confirm the following features of its pre-university VIth Form.

Advanced Levels (A level)

This is the level of certification required to make direct applications to English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish universities, and also, following the Ley de Bolonia (2010), to make direct applications to state-funded Spanish universities from a British school in Spain, and in general to any state-funded university in any country within the European Community. Private universities in any country, including the USA, each have their own application requirements although they all recognize the value of British A levels.

Pupils studying in Year 12 at Holy Mary will choose their A level subjects from:

Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied ICT, History, Business, English Literature, Art & Design, Geography, Psycology and French.

Also, all native speakers of Spanish will take A level Spanish in the summer of their Year 12.

Spanish university preparation classes

All Holy Mary VIth Form pupils who may possibly choose to make applications to Spanish universities will study at least two of the following Spanish subjects (two classes only per week per subject):

Matemáticas II, Matemáticas Aplicadas a las Ciencias Sociales, Dibujo Técnico, Biología, Química, Física, Geografía, Historia del Arte e Historia de España.

University & careers guidance

Our pupils receive comprehensive university application and careers guidance throughout their two years in our VIth Form. This will include attendance at university fairs, receiving guest speakers from a variety of professions, one-to-one interviews, and personalized assistance with the university application process for European universities including the UK and Spain.

VIth Form Resources

Our VIth Form pupils enjoy their own dedicated study space. Only Year 12 and Year 13 pupils have access to the VIth Form Centre work space – including a university and careers library– where our VIth Form pupils can spend their study periods completing their home and class work and their personal research. Additionally, each student is assigned their own Chromebook laptop (Google Suite for Education) – so that students always have access to their online classrooms and digital resources to aid in their studies.

Best regards,

Kevin Godden


Some of our success stories…

Micaela Resusta

Chemistry – A*; Biology – A*; Mathematics – A*; Spanish – A*

Destination: Universidad de Navarra, Spain

Studying: Medicine

Álvaro de Cárdenas

Biology – A*; Chemistry – A; Mathematics – A; Spanish – A*

Destination: Universidad de Navarra, Spain

Studying: Medicine

Nicolas Halverson

Mathematics – A*; Further Mathematics – A; Physics – A*; Spanish – A*

Destination: Dartmouth College, USA

Studying: Liberal Arts and Science

Cisla Moreno de los Rios

Biology – B; English Literature – A; History – A*; Spanish – A*

Destination: University College London, UK

Studying: International, Social and Political Studies

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Victoria Castro

Chemistry – B; English Literature – A*; History – A*; Mathematics – A; Spanish A*

Destination: University of St Andrews, UK

Studying: Financial Economics and English Literature

Iban de Silva

French – A*; Mathematics – B; Physics – A; Spanish A*

Destination: Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Studying: Economics