Campaigns carried out in Holy Mary to help the less fortunate

In an effort to help the children understand how fortunate they are to have family and friends that love them, a place to call home and especially during these special moments of the year a reason and the capacity to celebrate, we organised a collection for those less fortunate than us.   

 Holy Mary has organized a variety of campaigns in an effort to help the less fortunate: 

  • In our infant school children will be helping Hermanitas de los Pobres which have several nursing homes.
  • In our primary school the children have helped the organization of Incontro lead by Padre Cruz (one of our priests in school).
  • In our secondary school the children have brought in a present for the disabled children who belong to the organization Proyecto Persona lead by Padre Jorge (our other priest in school).

Every one of us can be a drop in the ocean which makes a real difference to our world.

Thank you to everyone who participated!