Community Service at Holy Mary

This service provides a range of opportunities and benefits to our Yr 12 & Yr 13 students in the following ways:

  • Older students are of an age and level of maturity where they should begin to think about others and take the chance to contribute to their school community. In the example of our community service programme they are required to relate to and interact with adults and younger children.
  • It is an opportunity for them to take on and experience fulfillment of small responsibilities – it can actually contribute to an enhanced feeling of self worth.
  • It allows students to participate in a new context and provides teachers with the chance to see them from a different perspective – something that they may well be able to comment on in a student reference or cv for example.
  • Some students here in Spain may not have the chance of being involved in work experience and so this service activity can provide a context for them to demonstrate initiative, resourcefulness and reliability.

Yr 13 pupils applying for places at UK universities and further afield will need to comment upon how their range of life experiences have influenced or moulded their thinking with regards to the undergraduate subjects they apply to study. This community service opportunity will form a part of their experiential package which can help inform those written comments.