Early Years and Foundation Stage

Through a combination of play, creative activities and structured lessons, children are encouraged to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of areas.

We aim to:

  • Provide a happy, friendly and secure environment where each child can maximise their potential.
  • Develop children´s cognitive, affective, psychomotor skills which gives them confidence in their ability
  • Help children develop social and behavioural skills so they can relate to other children and adults appropriately.

Our curriculum is carefully planned so that by the time the children enter the primary department, each child has experienced six areas of learning through the Early Years Foundation Stage.

A typical school day in the Early Years Foundation stage begins at 9:00am where children are expected to arrive to school. There are two hour long lessons and a break time. Lunch time is for an hour and following this, there are two further lessons. Children in Nursery One and Two will have a siesta after lunch time.
Language and Maths lessons are always scheduled in the morning, and more creative activities will take place in the afternoon. Due to the children´s ages and needs, we find this best maximises learning.