Key Stage 3 & 4 – Secondary Education

Continuing the holistic approach to whole-child education seeded right through our Nursery and Junior School, the rich and focused curriculum at Holy Mary British Catholic School is designed to get the very best out of every student, allowing them the space and support in which to discover and nurture their individual strengths and passions.

We celebrate the diversity and widespread talents of our students, and recognise that they will go on to follow vastly different careers; from city high flyers to sculptors, and architects to authors.

From 8.45am to 4.30pm every day, by teaching an array of subjects across the curriculum we give students at Key Stage 3 level (Years 7, 8 and 9) the opportunity to build a solid educational foundation, allowing for more informed choices when the times comes for selecting from our IGCSE options at Key Stage 4.

This mix includes Art, English, French, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Science, Drama, Spanish, and PE. Complementing these studies, students also benefit from a Life Skills Programme in Years 7 and 8, and 9 continuing into Key Stage 4. This programme is valuable in myriad ways including improved confidence, empathy, problem-solving, independent thought and self-expression. They also follow Lengua and Cultura for 15% of the curriculum as part of the obligatory Spanish national curriculum.

In Key Stage 4, students select two IGCSE options in Years 10 and 11, and our small class sizes coupled with specialist teaching staff provide them with the very best environment to pursue excellence.

Once the IGCSEs are completed, students can then commence with the pre-university Advanced Level qualification courses. These take place in Year 12 and Year 13. Students will have already identified which A Levels they wish to follow during discussions with their teachers in Year 11, but these are not confirmed until the IGCSE results are published. The A Level courses run for two years with students taking their examinations at the end of Year 13.

Having taken their A Level examinations, students will then have the option of entering university. The application process to enter university will have commenced immediately the students enters Year 12, especially for those who wish to apply to universities in the US or UK. Students who wish to enter Spanish universities will also make their application using the points gained from their A Level passes as the main qualification of entry.