Holy Mary helping Escuelita de Lobur (Turkana, Kenya)

Last Christmas in an effort to help our children understand how fortunate they are to have family and friends that love them, a place to call home and the opportunity to receive a good education, we organised a collection for those less fortunate than us.  

We collected school materials for children living in a remote area of Turkana (Kenya, Africa).

At school we collected materials for the Escuelita de Lobur – St Irine, Mother & Child Centre.

This charity, belonging to the Comunidad Misonera San Pablo Apóstol, is dedicated towards providing an education for children between the ages of 2 – 6 years old.  Due to the remoteness of this village most families are nomads and the charity is helping these families to set up a more permanent life by providing homes, water, food and education. They have now built an Infant School and they needed our help to collect educational supplies. 

After several months of waiting, the material has finally arrived at its destination! They are all very happy and enjoying their learning even more! We have a close relationship with this school in Turkana, and they even came last year to visit us at our Infant School!