Holy Mary´s Charity Cake Sale

Last Monday 17th of February we held our annual Charity Cake Sale event to raise funds for two different charities. Almost all the children participated by bringing in one homemade cake to school, then they all enjoyed the opportunity to buy the cakes during the day. Our Holy Mary Parents were then able to purchase a merienda for their children at the end of the school day. It was all a huge success! Thankyou!

This year we raisied money for the charities Fundación Persona and Incontro. Fundación Persona (http://www.fundacionproyectopersona.org/Inicio/) is run by our school priest, Padre Jorge, and it aims to help disabled children in need. The money raised by our students will afford these children the opportunity to attend a summer camp in the month of July. Incontro (http://www.comunidadincontro.es/) is run by our school priest, Padre Cruz, and aims to help people who have lost their way due to problems associated with addiction.