Mathematician of the Week!

Across our Junior and Primary School we have a new initiative to promote our fantastic Maths work that takes place every day. Every week a teacher will nominate someone from their class who they think deserves to win the ‘Mathematician of the Week’ award. The child will be presented with a diploma and have their photo and example of the work which won them the award displayed in the library. The photos and work is also shared amongst the teachers so that they can show their classes who won, and why their work deserved to win.

The award was brought in to inspire and demonstrate excellent practice in Maths and also to show the children real examples of great maths work or mathematical thinking, whether this be for solving a tricky problem, great working out, or even identifying a mistake and correcting it!

Our first winner was from Miss Flanagan’s Year 5B class. She won the award for excellent explanation and reasoning in her subtraction work.