Between Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October we celebrated Maths Week! This year our theme was ‘The Sound of Mathematics’ and was all about the connection between music, sound and maths.

On Wednesday the children took part in a ‘music’ carousel day where they moved around the classrooms taking part in music and sound activities that were all related with mathematics.

Throughout the week, the children made ‘fraction tubes’ that were actually a musical instrument and connected to the pentatonic scale, as well as ‘Morse Code’ maths with a playing card and comb. A highlight of the week was a collaboration with the secondary maths department in which a group of Year 12 and 13 maths students planned and delivered a workshop for Year 6. The children loved being in the secondary classrooms and working alongside the older students.

Finally, we had a homework competition that challenged the students to think of their own ideas about connections between music, maths and sound, and it was fantastic to see all of the videos, photos and posters.

Well done to everyone!