Nursery 2 goes on a bear hunt!

The children in Nursery 2 heard about a bear coming into Holy Mary! They searched for the bear as they recreated key moments from David Rosen’s “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. They went through the long wavy grass, the deep cold river, the thick oozy mud and through the narrow gloomy cave! They then heard bear noises that took them all to their classroom and they found the mess the bear had made! The door was open so the children guessed he had left the room!

And to round off a fun topic about bears, we decided to have a Teddy Bear’s picnic. We read the book and matched our new phonic sounds to the yummy food they were eating. Sssss for sandwich and ah for apple for example, whilst we sang along with the Teddy Bears. 

For any good picnic, you need a basket full of delicious sandwiches, a bright picnic blanket and your favourite Teddy Bear. Due to covid we had to adapt our picnic a little this year so we put our creativity to the test and made our own multi-coloured picnic blanket and Teddy Bear pop sticks so that everyone could join in the fun.