Students on Study Leave

Students in Year 11-Year 13 have been hard at work over the past few weeks preparing for their final GCSE and A Level exams. With the exam season now in full swing, the students’ deserve credit for their punctuality and organisation, both of which have been outstanding. This is particularly commendable for those students in Year 11 who have approached their very first batch of official exams with a sense of maturity and purpose. During study leave, students have been attending group sessions with their class teachers in order to bolster revision efforts and, in the case of Edexcel exams, provide evidence to support teacher assessed grades. Students have engaged enthusiastically in these sessions, maintaining regular contact with their teachers through Google Classroom, video calls, and presential classes. With the exam season due to close on June 11th we have no doubt that the students will be looking forward to their well-earned reward of an exam-free summer!