Year 1 to Year 3 Sports

Our sports offer this year has automatically been enhanced by the acquisition of two qualified and Madrid-experienced teachers of Physical Education (PE). The sports and fitness coverage offered by our PE curriculum has never been better! Outside of school we will continue from last year with our termly house competitions based at the Pradillo Polideportivo. One improvement on last year however, is the fact that this year we also have access to an all weather fútbol-7 surface as well as their «pabellón» (a small indoor gym). This facilitates a wider sport selection when we choose to hold a house competition!

Years 1 & 2
Year 1 and 2 are enjoying their PE, learning to explore the space in creative ways. They are developing their skills of travelling with objects in a variety of different manners; skipping, hopping, jumping and running!

Year 3
Year 3 have kicked off Term 1 in a very sporty fashion down at Pradillo during their Year 3 Bonanza slot. We have been working on our end to end zone games becoming more and more competitive each week.