Infant School sport and extra-curricular activities

Ballet Nursery 2

Ballet is a classical dance based on the combination of movements, performed to the rhythm of music, with the aim of telling a story through dance. This activity introduces students to the world of music, rhythm, coordinaton and movement.

Football Club Nursery 2

Football has numerous benefits for the development of children and teenagers. Not only does it stimulate physical and cognitive development but it also helps develop values such as teamwork and sportsmanship. This activity will take place in C/ Condes del Val 12 for children from Nursery 2 – Year 1. For children from Year 2 – Year 6 the activity will take place at Zona Norte (La Cabrera) and the school will provide transportation to and from the football pitch each week.

Flamenco Reception

Children will learn to dance to the rhythm of music using both their hands and feet. The children will work alongside the flamenco teacher to learn a dance routine in order to be able to perform in an end of year show. The Dance School María Rosa will organise and host this event.